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that last bit of warp…

23 Apr 2008

…which didn’t quite get woven off before I left last week, is now finished. There wasn’t very much of it as you can see, but there was just enough to make it worth having a play around.

Twill blocks in silk on blue warp

(this is not the full size of the image – click it to enlarge)

I left the sett the same as it was for the fine silk weft (seen above in the blog header), namely 24 epi with each end being 2 strands of 2/16 mercerised cotton. However, I changed from a fine weft to quite a chunky one — an assortment of the Traub silks pictured here mixed in with the colours I had already used in narrow warp stripes — which, firmly beaten into twill blocks, gives a fabric with a lovely drape. Not that it will be doing a lot of draping as after washing it will measure a grand 8″ x 10″, just enough for a little something, though I don’t know yet what that will be.

I could have woven three or four more inches but I deliberately stopped a little short. Packages of assorted thrums are very popular with the embroiderers I know, so I wanted to leave a reasonable sewing length.

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  1. 24 Apr 2008 1:49 am

    I really like this.

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